The War is Back On

Today is “Net Neutrality Day of Action” and several websites such as Reddit, Netflix, Spotify, EFF, PornHub, and many other web giants have already started to protest. Net Neutrality is an incredibly important issue, once that is not partisan and impacts EVERYONE. The unethically named “Restoring Internet Freedom Act” of 2017 is merely doublethink (war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength) – if it were to pass, we are going to loose our valuable Internet freedoms. And yes, that will affect you.

What is Net Neutrality?


Right now, in the United States, if you pay for an Internet connection you get access to pretty much any and every website without your Internet Service Provider being able to control the speeds to individual websites. You get the speeds you pay for universally. This is what Net Neutrality accomplishes.

Without Net Neutrality, Internet Service Providers can drop the default speeds down so that websites are extremely slow to load, requiring you to pay extra for access to “the fast lane” for individual websites. Want to access Facebook and Twitter at the same speeds as before? That’ll be an extra $5/month. Want to watch Netflix without buffering every 5 seconds? Give us $10/month more or settle for our overpriced ISP-TV knockoff. Think about it like TV channel packages, where you need to pay to access select content.

Those that use a lot of data, whether you play video games, watch a lot of movies or YouTube, or just spend a lot of time online, are going to be especially susceptible.

But it’s not just about throttling speeds to make a more money off of you. Without Net Neutrality, Internet Service Providers have the ability to enact censorship. If a website is critical of the Internet Service Provider or goes against their political beliefs, they can charge anyone that wants to visit that website an extra $50/month in order to access it at standard speeds. No need to waste time filing a Cease and Desist letter, they can just permanently slow you down so nobody wishes to access your site.

This can also greatly impact startups and small businesses, whom won’t be able to afford to pay Internet Services Providers to include their website in the basic packages.

The attack on Net Neutrality is an attack on the Internet, and a direct attack on our freedom. There are no reasons for the consumer to oppose Net Neutrality. NONE! The only people that will benefit by repealing Net Neutrality are the owners of the large monopolistic Internet Service Providers.

To learn more, please check out this website dedicated to preserving Net Neutrality, or this article by the Electric Frontier Foundation

What can I do to get involved?

If you want to help in the fight to preserve Net Neutrality, there are several things you can do.

  • First of all, please visit and sign up to join the protest
  • Then, stop by the call section in order to call your representatives in Congress and express your desires to preserve current Net Neutrality legislation
  • Write your representatives in congress! You can use this nifty tool to find out who they are.
  • SPREAD THE WORD! Share these resources with your friends, your coworkers, your social media following, everyone! Don’t let them be brainwashed by the large ISP shills first, whom are astroturfing hard in order to sway public opinion!
  • Don’t give up! Keep fighting for your freedom. Because once it’s gone, it will be very very hard to get it back.

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