An Introduction to the life of the Cybernetic Fennec


The World of Alpha Lupi was created by [REDACTED – LEVEL 5 SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED] sometime around June 2016. Originally starting out as a small weekend art project that was taken up just for fun, the World of Alpha Lupi quickly became a world building project that I have been working on fervorously ever since. I’ve dedicated time to the project nearly every single day since its inception, and I think that it’s starting to come out quite nicely. There is still a very long way to go, however this is something that I very much intend to continue working on indefinitely. This project may be young, possibly considered to be in its infancy still, but I firmly believe that it has a lot of potential, and I’m willing to dedicate my blood, sweat, and tears in order bring it to life.


But, What exactly is The World of Alpha Lupi though?

The World of Alpha Lupi is more than just a story line narrative that I’ve been working on, it’s an entire universe! The project is broken up into several different parts, including at least one novel, numerous short stories, this website, an artwork collection, a comic, and much, much more.

The World of Alpha Lupi itself is set in a science fiction universe, one populated by anthropomorphic characters, that has experienced major technological advances stemming from early interactions with the human race. It has several elements from both the cyberpunk and space opera genres. Much of the storyline takes place in the orbit of Hyperion, a massive ringed gas giant in a star system very far away (Or is it? Guess you’ll have to read the novel) with a blue star called Nephila. Eos, a planet-sized moon that orbits around Hyperion, is home to several races closely representing the animals species of Earth.

Although the majority of the systems population resides on Eos, advances in science and technology allow various societies to form off of the planet, resulting in massive spaceships and even more massive space stations. This is not a utopian future, however. The world is arguably much closer to being a dystopia. Mega-Corporations and unethical business practices are rampant on-planet, however the crime rate is kept low, in certain areas, thanks to advancements in technology and the very unfortunate loss of privacy. Corrupt governments abuse this technology, the wealthy use it to make themselves even wealthier.

The Five Nations of Eos (FNE), the largest government organization that acts as a diplomacy between each of the five seperate nations on-planet, enforces very strict regulations on this technology that only serve to prosper themselves and the rich.

Off-planet, the majority of lawless society is run by the two major criminal syndicates, the K9 Unit and the Nine Lives. As each= name implies, the K9 Unit is predominately composed of canids (although they do accept members from other races), whereas the Nine Lives is exclusively feline.  Invasive surveillance technology isn’t nearly as prevalent off-planet, allowing the citizens to have some semblance of freedom, even if they don’t have rights guaranteed by written legislation.

The main character is a anthropomorphic fennec fox by the name of Alpha Lupi. Born to a middle-class lifestyle in Eos City, a massive city that sprawls across an entire island, Alpha lived an average life up until his curiosity got the best of him. His experimental nature led him to tinker around with electronics, a gross violation of FNE rules & regulations, learning more about their functionality to the point he could actually manipulate the gadgets himself. When the FNE discovered his activities they tried to interfere, but they were unsuccessful. Alphas life has been drastically different ever since.


The Future of The World

I spend a lot of time thinking about where I want to take this project. Realistically, I would like to finish the novel and get it published at the very least. The website is up and running and I’ve amassed a nice little concept art collection, which is a good start so far. I’m most likely going to continue adding more and more concept artwork to the World of Alpha Lupi collection, and I’m probably going to continue writing even after the first novel is out on the shelves.

We all have dreams. I would love more than anything to be able to produce a short film, or even a pilot episode, based on the World of Alpha Lupi, and possibly a small VR video game as well. Considering the massive undertaking of either monumental task, neither would be something that happens overnight. However, it is the goal, and I’m willing to be patient and put in the effort in order to achieve that goal.


More information coming soon!

To learn more about The World of Alpha Lupi project, please visit the main website or check out the official subreddit: r/WorldofAlphaLupi

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