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Controlled Chaos

An elevator whizzes past overhead. A couple friends share a loud drunken conversation. A street vender peddles “the cleanest powder you will ever get your paws on”, meanwhile another offers the latest in advanced weaponry, no permits necessary. This place can’t be real, surely the FNE would have shut it down?

You may have heard the rumors. Conspiracy theories that claim Horus Station doesn’t exist. Others claim that it is run directly by the FNE.

Allow me to clear some things up. Let us take a tour, shall we?


The Free Market

On-planet, the market is dominated by mega-corporations. Everyone knows that. Existing legislation makes it very difficult for entrepreneurs to gain any semblance of a foothold. Additionally, select goods are prohibited from being sold, and their mere procession can get you sent straight to an off-planet prison colony, where you will spend the rest of your days tirelessly mining asteroids for their resources.

Not on Horus Station. There are no corporations here. No brands. No surnames. No laws. Anyone is free to become a trader should they desire, and no goods are off-limits. Rules of the market are simple – there are no rules.

But be warned, should you choose to engage in shady or unethical practices you may find yourself getting a serious tail-kicking. People around here don’t take too kindly to those who infringe on the health or unwritten rights of others.

This is not to say that violence is a very common sight. Quite the opposite actually. While major incidents do occur from time to time, and disputes tend to be settled with fists instead of lawyers, most citizens rather prefer to remain civil. Violent offenders have a tendency to meet violent ends, and Horus Station Security is no joke. Armed guards actively patrol the station, ensuring the safety of innocents and making sure that disputes aren’t taken too far.

An autonomous society


Energy is generated in-house or gathered via solar farms. Farmers grow food for the populace, some use real sunlight and imported soil, others rely on more artificial conditions. Water is harvested from the asteroids in Hyperion’s rings. Raw materials are gathered from asteroid and moon mining expeditions. Trade goods and consumer products are manufactured in factories built inside the station. Horus Station does not rely on the FNE, the mega-corporations, or any external sources for anything.


An anonymous society


There is no registration requirements – no DNA profiles, no bio-metric scans, no written records, no transaction logs, nothing. Citizens need not a surname, and most do not even have one. Surveillance cameras are rare, those that exist are only used for personal security.

City lights


To say that Horus Station is massive is an understatement. The station contains an entire functioning society within it. The horizon is filled with buildings and other large structures as far as the eye can see. Electric cars drive down busy streets. Elevators whiz through sector to sector.

Can tall buildings still be considered skyscrapers if there is no sky to scrape?


Starry nights

Nights on Horus Station are quite a sight. Urban sectors are full of colorful lights radiating from the buildings, often reflecting in puddles gathered from artificial rainstorms in the streets below.

Even still, the real beauty comes from above.

Hyperion looms overhead. In sectors with low light pollution, the stars can clearly be seen through the glass panels above. The elevators that travel through each sector have a clear view of the universe outside the windows. The observation decks offer a stunning vantage point with the city visible below and the space visible above.

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