Prologue + First 3 Chapters in progress

What is  the World of Alpha Lupi?

I’ve been working on the World of Alpha Lupi project since June 2016, and it’s been quite a ride so far!

The World of Alpha Lupi is a science fiction series set in the cyperpunk dystopia of Eos City. The main character, a fennec fox hacker with a cybernetic eye named Alpha Lupi, is given a contract unlike anything he’s done before. When things turn sour, the delicate balance between two of the largest criminal syndicates is disrupted.

So far I’ve already written the first half  of the novel, designed most of the world of the major characters, and started commissioning artists for the comic series.

For more information about the world, please see my introductory post  or visit the main site for more of the lore


Progress Updates

I’m happy to announce that the prologue and the first 3 chapters are now active and a work in progress.

The prologue  is coming soon, and will be posted right here on the comic page.

The website has also had several major updates, the locations page is now more detailed, the characters have been updated, the concept art has been updated, and more! Most of the website is still a work in progress, so do expect some dust while I work on getting everything updated.

(This shot is  from the third chapter, artwork by Jagzcat)

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