I can hardly believe an entire year passed since I went to Anthrocon for the first time , and now this years convention is already over. I had such a blast this year that I’m already counting down the days until the next Anthrocon.


I came early this year, staying for 3 nights instead of only one. My 3 1/2 hour road trip to Pittsburgh took place on Thursday. The trip into PA went well for the first hour – until an emergency alert blared over the radio announcing a flash flood was imminent. The next 45 minutes had my heart racing as highway traffic dropped from 80MPH to 30MPH and it suddenly felt like driving through a

Rainy view from the hotel room, Thursday night

high speed car wash, minus the suds and fun robotic brushes. After arrival, Thursday wasn’t particularly a eventful day for me. It was mostly a day just to check in to the hotel, unpack, go through the long registration lines, grab my Anthrocon badge, and take a survey for FurScience. I stayed at the Hilton this year, so I was able to walk to the convention without having to worry about parking or taking an Uber like last year. The rest of my Thursday was pretty much just getting some R&R and preparing for the rest of the weekend.


The fun stuff began on Friday, which was undoubtedly my busiest day at the con. I was going solo this year so I had all the time I needed to go see and do whatever I wanted. I spent the morning at the Dealers Den and Artists Alley and checked out a few panels going on throughout the day.

On Friday night I got to go see Uncle Kage’s story hour and “An evening with Kage & Alkali” back to back. After the second show ended there was some downtime while the dance floor was being setup in the ballroom, so I spent some time saying hey to the fursuiters walking around and had a moment to view the Allegheny River and Heinz Field from the third floor balcony of the DLCC.

The doors for the Friday night rave opened up at 11:00 PM and the crowd quickly piled in. My feet are still a bit sore from all the partying going from Friday night into early Saturday.

Saturday was another busy day at Anthrocon. I watched the fursuit parade and got tons of high fives from the fursuiters. Stopping by the art show was pretty neat. There was several pieces I wanted to bid on, but I had already went way over my budget for this year between the room, food, amenities, etc. There is always next year, and I’ll make sure to set aside a budget.

I also got to hug Jib Kodi after running into him outside the ballroom, that was really cool.



In the afternoon I got to watch the Anthrocon Tonight show and the Floor Wars dance competition. I also picked up a souvenir from the Dealers Den in the form of a fennec fox plush that is now sitting beside my computer monitor.

Back at the hotel it turns out a large family had just arrived for a wedding, completely oblivious to the fact that Anthrocon was in town. It was quite a hilarious sight to see some very confused people in expensive suits gawking at the furries in their expensive animal suits.

Things began to calm down on Sunday. I packed my bags and checked out of the hotel before walking down to the convention center for one last event – The Anthrocon dance competition. Sadly that was all the time I had left before I began my trip back home. A quick shout out to the friendly valet attendant, who was curious about the convention and a bit surprised to see I didn’t bring a fursuit with me.

And just like that, another Anthrocon has gone by and already the post-con depression is kicking in full force.


It’s always amazing to see all the fursuiters walking around, and it’s wonderful to see the city embracing the convention. The Anthrocon banners decorating the street posts, the various hotel staff wearing Anthrocon pins, and the various restaurants and establishments offering special goodies to Pittsburgh’s furry visitors.

I will be going back again next year, no doubt about it. I just had my TaurinFox hoodie to don this year, but maybe I’ll have a fursuit to bring with me next time.

P.S. I’m working on making a video montage on my stay this year, so stay tuned!

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