Alpha Lupi

The Cybernetic Fennec

Background Information

Alpha Lupi is the only member of the K9 Unit to retain their surname, which is usually discarded after joining the syndicate. Alpha is a short fennec fox with a red cybernetic right eye. He has the ability to hack and otherwise manipulate computer and technology systems, a trait that is extremely uncommon since the general public is not educated on networking or how the tech functions. Alpha’s abilities stem from an early drive to learn which lead him to understand the programming languages and operating systems, using this knowledge to manipulate the tech came later.

Reference Sheet

Physical fitness is important to Alpha
Cybernetic right eye
Alpha is very short – only 4′ 5″

Josh K

Corrupt cop and criminal kingpin

Background Information

Josh K is a member of the K9 Unit and a police officer in the Eos City street patrol. His position is unusual – a seemingly unlikely result of fortunate happenstance. Then again, the Eos City street patrol is not heavily scrutinized unlike the FNE.


``The Cosmic Voyager``

Background Information

Cosmo is the last remaining dragon, an android developed by the humans to survive the treacherous conditions of the cold vacuum of space. Cosmo, along with with the rest of the androids, were long presumed to be dead.

Heads Of The K9 Unit

The Canid Criminal Syndicate

Background Information

Spyrodon, or “Spyros”, is the second-in-command of the K9 Unit.
Sabes is hired muscle for the K9 Unit, often working on a large plot of land to produce large quantities of powder with his buddies.
Darrin is the head of the K9 unit. A businessman with a loose code of ethics, his number one priority is making sure the syndicate has enough resources to survive on its own.


Heads Of Nine Lives

The Feline Criminal Syndicate

Background Information

Vito Sanford is the former head of The Nine Lives, and a corrupt politician working to influence power to the syndicate benefit. His untimely demise set forward a chain of events that will upset the balance between The Nine Lives and the K9 Unit.
Anthony “T” Vittadini is the current head of The Nine Lives crime syndicate with a strong vendetta against the canidae race.
Donnie Silvio is the second-in-command of The Nine Lives. A merciless psychopath with a passion for shooting things, it’s best that you keep a far distance.
The caracal is a loose-end with a bounty on his head, but his allegiance is not what it may seem.

Mr. Conglomerate

Everybody wants to rule the world

Background Information

Given the nickname “Mr. Conglomerate”, the CEO of Catalyst Manufacturing has a passion for just one thing – making himself the most powerful being on Eos.