Alpha Lupi

By May 20, 2018

Alpha Lupi


Alpha Lupi is the main protagonist in the series.




Alpha knows little about his parents, other than the few things Alpha hears about them here and there. Alpha grew up with Josh K and his family in Eos City. When Alpha is still in school Josh K’s family moves to Horus Station and Alpha is left behind after he is unable to get a license for off-planet travel. Not long after Alpha begins to get in trouble with the law. After getting arrested for breaking into a network belonging to the FNE, Alpha is arrested and sentenced to life on a prison station. After some persuasion from Josh K, Spyridon realizes Alpha’s potential benefit to the K9 unit and agrees to help break Alpha out en route to the prison station. Alpha has resided on Horus Station since.



Alpha’s reference sheet

Alpha Lupi is a short 4’5″ fennec fox.


Cybernetic Eye


Alpha has a red cybernetic right eye.

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