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Cosmo is one of Alpha Lupi’s partners in crime.




Cosmo was built by the humans as a way to interact with the native species on Eos. They were designed to continue supporting the natives and helping building their society after the last of the humans died out. As the society began to grow and mature, people became leery of the dragons unnaturally long lifespans. After people learned that the dragons were artificial intelligence machines, a campaign was started to separate the dragons from the rest of society. As fear and tensions grew, violence against dragons became more commonplace. During an off-planet flight in the rings of Hyperion, Cosmo’s ship was attacked and he crashed into an asteroid. He was believed to be the first victim in the war against the dragons. Several years later, Alpha Lupi crashed into the same asteroid and discovered that the dragon had been badly damaged from the crash, but was not beyond recovery.



Cosmo has red and black patterned scales. His front is smooth while his back and tail is jagged and rough. He has two red horns on the back of his head.

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