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Sabes is a resident of Horus Station and a close friend to Josh K.




Sabes was born on Horus Station. He spent his entire life in Sector 7, Unit 2.



Sabes mug shot

Sabes is a short boxer with a brindle fur pattern.




The Crew


Sabes runs a tight crew producing powder for The K9 unit.


Crew Members:

  • Bud – Male golden Labrador, lead powder chemist, tends to be laid back and chill
  • Ope – Male black Labrador, assists Bud in the powder lab and sells powder to merchants in The Core, acts as an older brother to Lil’ Boom Boom, right eye is blue after a lab injury
  • Lil’ Boom Boom – Street name, real name unknown, male black pitbull with white striped face, sells powder with Ope, often serves as hired muscle, really likes to blow things up
  • Piccola – Female Yorkshire Terrier, rapper, sells powder on the side
  • Flower – Large female Yorkshire Terrier, bodyguard for Piccola
  • Roxanne – Female brown Chihuahua, always high but tries to act sober

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