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Oasis is the central nation and a member of the Five Nations of Eos.




Northern Oasis has moderate weather and experiences all four seasons. Conditions are generally favorable throughout the year. Summers are mild, although heavy snowfall is often a concern during the middle of the winter months as heavy storms may move in from Imperium.

Southern Oasis experiences much warmer conditions throughout the year. The geography is predominantly sandy and arid due to the presence of a large mountain range.




Debates on whether Eos City is part of Oasis often get heated. As the city never officially declared itself independent from Oasis, Eos City technically does belong to Oasis.

There is a drastic difference in culture between North Oasis and South Oasis. Tensions between the two halves has lead to many calling on North Oasis to break away and form a sixth nation of Eos, although heavy censorship and military efforts have dissuaded this kind of thought.

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