The Tower

By July 19, 2018

The Tower


The Tower is a partially completed skyscraper in downtown Eos City. It is currently inhabited by the K9 Unit.


Floor Plan

The tower has 45 floors, including a lobby on the 1st floor and a penthouse on the 45th


Ground Floor

“The Lobby” is the main entrance point to the building that includes an armed patrol. Visitors are forced to go through a security checkpoint featuring a set of metal detectors.


The Business Suites

The first 15 floors are commonly referred to as the business suites. They contain multiple storefronts offering black market goods, in addition to weapons storage and powder labs. The 10th floor has a convenience store for residents to purchase consumable goods.


Living Quarters

Floors 16 – 28 are completed and are a suitable space for habitation. Conditions of each room varies. Some of the cheaper rooms for rent lack windows or have minor damage.


Junkie Dens

Floors 29 – 44 are unfinished and are mostly abandoned. These floors lack windows entirely, some have missing walls between rooms, and most have extensive damage. They are popular with squatters and powder addicts.


The Penthouse

The 45th floor has been completed and is fully furnished.

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