Powder (narcotic)

By June 19, 2018



Powder is an illegal narcotic known for producing euphoric and energy boosting effects.




There are several popular methods of using powder. The drug has no known medicinal uses, and thus all use is done for recreational purposes. Powder comes in two major forms, salt and freebase. When used in a salt form, the drug appears as a fine powder, from which the drug takes its name. To achieve a much stronger effect, the drug can also be synthesized into a freebase form, often referred to as moon rock.



Powder is most commonly used by snorting, as it is often considered to be the most socially acceptable method of consumption. When snorted, the drug remains in its salt form. The effects are considerably less than using the drug in its freebase form. Many users consider this to the safest method to consume the drug as overdose and addiction rates are considerably lower.



In its salt form, powder can be added to a water solution and injected directly into the users bloodstream. The onset is quicker than insufflation, and the effects through IV last considerably longer. To achieve an even stronger high, most IV users purchase powder in the freebase form. The freebase form can be heated to a liquid form and injected.



Smoking freebased powder has the quickest onset and the most intense euphoria, however the effects are also the shortest. Inhalation is often considered to be the most addictive method of consumption. Powder is not smoked in the salt form however, as the heat destroys the drug.


The Black Market


The powder trade is extremely lucrative, however, it is also extremely risky. Penalties for those involved are strict. Under FNE law selling powder, even in small quantities, carries a minimum sentence of 10 years on a prison station. Trafficking and production both carry a mandatory life sentence. As a result, most of the trade occurs off planet.



Powder production often requires an extensive laboratory setup. The drug starts its life out as a thick tree sap. Various chemicals are added to the sap in order to turn it into a salt that resembles a fine powder. The process to turn the sap into powder requires special equipment and the chemicals used are very hard to come across legally. Home-brew labs carry the risk of creating a toxic variant of the drug that can damage the users central nervous system leading to paralysis or death. Most of the chemicals used in production are highly volatile and inexperienced chemists have a higher likelihood of creating an explosion during the process.

Powder is usable in the salt form, however, by synthesizing the drug into a freebase form the effects of the drug are enhanced dramatically and the profit potential skyrockets. Synthesizing powder is a complicated process that takes several days.

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