MilSpec Industries (Megacorp)

By May 25, 2018

MilSpec Industries


MilSpec Industries is the largest producer of military equipment in the system.




Information on MilSpec Industries is extremely limited. The amount of production facilities owned by MilSpec is currently unknown. Estimates range between 50 and 1,000.

As of this time, MilSpec only produces goods for the Five Nations of Eos. However, it is not uncommon for stolen goods to end up on the black market to be purchased by criminal syndicates such as The Nine Lives and The K9 Unit.


Industry: Military, munitions

Imports: Metal, trained workers, various chemicals

Exports: Weaponry, munitions, rockets, space stations, spaceships




MilSpec Industries was the first established corporation to produce military goods en masse. The original leaders of MilSpec Industries were the dragons, who believed the equipment would be used to maintain peaceful relationships between nations as every nation would have an equally powerful military. When the Five Nations of Eos was formed, MilSpec Industries turned to produce goods solely for the FNE government, whose powers quickly dwarfed those of all of the independent nations.




Alpha Lupi’s personal spaceship is a MilSpec Industries Condor.

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