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Armentum are the most common race of humanoids on Eos. Their appearance varies greatly.




There are many different subsets of the Armentum race. The vast majority live on planet, Armentum are uncommon off planet.

  • Caprinae
  • Bison
  • Antelope
  • Oryx
  • Deer
  • Horse

Caprinae are a very common subset of Armentum. Caprinae consists of two major types, goat-like humanoids and sheep-like humanoids. Both average around 5’8″ in height. Goats are stereotyped to be more educated and interested in business or political professions, whereas sheep are stereotyped to be less educated and unemployed.

Bison are the rarest subset of Armentum, but they are the largest (6′ height) and the most heavyset.

Antelope tend to be a little taller than Caprinae at 5’9″. They are uncommon. A lot of important figures in Cyma Production are Antelope, so most news reporters and journalists tend to be Antelope.

Oryx are uncommon on planet, but a common sight off planet. They are considered to be the most dangerous Armentum subset. Many are interested in law enforcement or military careers, others find interest in joining criminal syndicates or working in the powder trade. Some of the deadliest bounty hunters are Oryx.


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