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Canidae are a race of dog-like humanoids native to Eos.




There are three major subtypes of the Canidae race – Foxes, Wolves, and Housedogs.



  • Arctic Fox
  • Red Fox
  • Fennec Fox

Foxes are the smallest subset of the Candae race.

Arctic foxes are a smaller Canidae, averaging around 5′ in height. Most live in colder environments, commonly in the northern parts of Imperium. They prefer the extreme cold, those that live off-planet keep their ships so cold that most visitors require a jacket or choose to keep their spacesuits on. On planet, it is very rare to see any Artic Foxes outside of Imperium. Arctic foxes are believed to be good at keeping secrets and recording information, possibly because the majority of the team that works on preserving the Archivalcraft are Arctic Foxes.

Red foxes are only a little bit taller than Artic foxes, they average around 5’3″ in height. Red foxes are the most common Canidae, especially in Eos City. Red foxes are stereotyped to be untrustworthy, a belief even held by the Arctic foxes.

Fennec foxes are the shortest Canadae with the average height of just 4’4″. They are extremely uncommon universally. Most of the Fennec fox population reside on Oasis. Seeing a Fennec anywhere else is sure to draw attention.



  • Gray Wolf
  • Coyote
  • Golden Jackal

The wolves are the largest and most aggressive subset of the Canadae race.

Gray wolves are the largest Canidae, with the average height of 7′.  They tend to be strong and take interest in unlawful activity. They are common in Imperium, but uncommon everywhere else.

Coyotes are a bit smaller than Gray wolves at an average 6’5″, they are the most common in Columbia.

Golden Jackals are the smallest wolves, averaging around 5′ 8″. They are common in Oasis and off-planet.


House Dogs

House Dogs are a generic label for the majority of subsets of the Canadae race. Their appearance ranges German Shepherds to Yorkshire Terriers. The average height for House Dogs is 5’5″, with some of the smaller subsets being close to the same height as the Fennec fox. Most House Dogs tend to be on the lawful side, those that aren’t choose to live on Horus Station.

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