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Felidae are a race of cat-like humanoids native to Eos.




There are two major subsets of the Felidae race – Pantherinae and Felinae.



  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • Jaguar

Pantherinae tend to be more aggressive.

Tigers are a large subset of Felidae, averaging around 7’4″ . They are common on-planet and off-planet.

Lions are the largest subset of Felidae, with the average height of 7’5″. They are very rare, and most can be found in Oasis.

Jaguars are the shortest Pantherinae, average is about 6’4″. They tend to be quieter, seeking to act with ice cold, calculated aggression instead. It’s a common belief that Jaguars are the most prone group to psychopathy. They are universally uncommon, but not as rare as Lions.



  • Puma
  • Caracal
  • House Cat

Felinae tend to be shadier.

Pumas are similar in appearance and build to the Jaguars, although they tend to be shorter at 6′. They are uncommon on-planet, most tend to live on Nine Lives stations.

Caracals average around 5’9″. They are extremely rare outside of Oasis.

House Cats are the most common Felidae, and are extremely common universally. House Cats on planet tend to resemble Aegeans, and those off planet tend to resemble Birmans.

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