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Reptilia are a race of scaled humanoids native to Eos, with the exception of Dragons.




There are three common subsets of Reptilia – Dragons, Lizards, and Gators.



Dragons are the only man-made species in Eos. They were created by the humans to continue aiding the natives on developing society. They are believed to be extinct at this point. Further attempts on recreating artificial intelligence have failed. Dragons tend to be the center of most conspiracy theories.



Lizards are the most common Reptilia, although they are still fairly uncommon. They tend to live in warmer environments or off planet.



Gators are the largest Reptilia, averaging around 6′. They are extremely rare, and have only been spotted in lawless space. They are highly aggressive and not very fond of meeting new people. Very little is known about their history. Gators are commonly mistaken for Dragons, which often incites panic whenever they encounter outsiders.

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