Alpha’s Spaceship

By May 17, 2018

Alpha’s Personal Ship


Alpha’s personal ship is a custom variant of the MilSpec Industries Condor, a military ship typically used for long distance engagements. Most of the original hardware has been gutted although the ship’s set of four pivoting miniguns remain. Alpha Lupi stole the Condor during a raid on a Nine Lives space station.



Alpha in the computer room

The interior of Alpha’s ship hardly reflects the original MilSpec Industries Condor. The crew quarters have been converted in a master bedroom suite, the original cramped bathroom has been expanded to include a luxurious walk in bathtub, the briefing room has been replaced by Alpha’s computer rig, and even the torpedo launcher has been converted into a cargo storage area and a kitchen. An additional bulkhead has been added in between the kitchen and cargo area, allowing the cargo room to be depressurized for hot-swapping commodities while off-planet. The ship keeps it’s original large hangar area on the bottom floor separated by an airlock, capable of storing a single small ship or two ground vehicles as well as additional cargo.

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