Horus Station

By May 25, 2018

Horus Station


Horus Station is a space station owned and operated by the K9 Unit. Horus Station is the most expensive space station ever produced, and the second most expensive spacecraft built next to The S.E.T.H.



Horus Station has three major boroughs: The Core, Hierakonpolis, and Luxor. The Core is the heart of the station at the stations center, Hierakonpolis is the name given to the two innermost rings, and Luxor is the name given to the two outermost rings.

Herakonpolis and Luxor both contain several habitable and industrial zones. Residents of Horus Station commonly refer to each zone by their sector and unit number. Hierakonpolis contains sectors 1 – 54, while Luxor contains sectors 55 – 108. Each sector in Hierakonpolis is 100mi² and has between 1 and 5 units. Each sector in Luxor is roughly 144mi² and has between 1 and 10 units. Each unit is roughly the size of a small neighborhood.

All three boroughs are contained by two major tunnel systems, one on each side of the station.

While it is possible for smaller ships to travel people and goods throughout the station, the primary mode of transportation across each sector is through the use of vactrains. Each of the four rings has their own set of vactrains that operate non-stop throughout the day. To optimize transportation times, the vactrains only stop at stations where passengers have already purchased tickets or have set destinations, and the trains do not stop if it is already at maximum operational capacity. The vactrains are divided into two groups, with the groups traveling in opposite directions. Riding in the vactrains can be quite an experience, as they reach extremely high speeds and offer incredible views of the cities and fields from above as well as the stars outside.


The Core


Main ports into The Core

The Core is the major traffic hub for Horus Station. All imports/exports for the station come and go through here. Additionally, merchants and traders store the majority of their goods in warehouses contained inside, and any visitors and non-residents must enter and exit the station through the main ports. Long-term visitors are also free to stay in hotels inside The Core.


The Eye


Located in the very center of The Core, The Eye serves as the command deck for Horus Station and the headquarters for the K9 unit. In addition to being responsible for the navigation controls and station defense, The Eye monitors all traffic throughout the station and contains the stations gravity generators.






Hierakonpolisis is the official name for the two innermost rings. Hierakonpolis is home for the vast majority living on Horus Station, and is restricted to residential and agricultural zones only. The cities and farmlands of Hierakonpolis stretch across multiple sectors.


Notable zones:

Section 5, unit 1Josh K’s childhood zone

Sector 7, unit 2 – Large urban zone, home to Sabes and his crew

Section 20, unit 1 – Alpha’s current residence




Luxor is composed of the stations two outermost rings and contains the stations industrial zones. There are some residential zones in Luxor, however, they are reserved for prominent members of the K9 Unit and the wealthy.

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