The Grid

By June 24, 2018

The Grid


The Grid is the unofficial name used by the locals to describe the system of various networks that link devices together around Eos and off planet, as well as any devices that are able to connect to these networks. The Grid is very similar to our own internet, with some major differences.






All major infrastructure is owned and operated exclusively by the FNE.


Access Nodes


Access Nodes are a type of networking equipment that allows devices to connect to The Grid. They can provide other devices wired or wireless connectivity. Access Nodes use a specialized set of encryption certifications in order to prevent unauthorized users from reading any information that travels through. Encryption certificates are issued directly by the FNE so as to allow them to have a backdoor to monitor any network traffic that passes through each Access Node.




Servers are devices responsible for providing functionality for other Grid-connected devices. Their purpose varies and can range from storing and sharing files to validating coin transfers.


Social Media


Social media services allow Eos citizens to discuss and share information. They are heavily patrolled by Gatekeepers to insure discussion does not violate FNE law.




Civilians and unauthorized personnel are strictly prohibited by FNE law to temper with any infrastructure or devices that are capable of connecting to The Grid. Grid-connected devices are not user serviceable, instead they must be brought to an authorized Catalyst Manufacturing retailer for repair. Information regarding how The Grid operates is kept strictly confidential. Only FNE or Catalyst Manufacturing employees are trained on how the technology operates. Sharing this knowledge or any training material is a serious crime that leads to mandatory life sentence on a prison station.

To keep this information private, the FNE passed a law that requires authorized personnel to only gain knowledge on aspects of The Grid that directly apply to their line of work.


Device Technicians


Device technicians are trained to understand the basic operations of personal hardware. They are able to troubleshoot and resolving basic issues or to repair small devices. Device technicians are able to assist in anything from connecting a CypherToken to an Access Node, to replacing a cracked projector or broken sensor on a CypherToken. Device technicians have the most limited knowledge regarding The Grid, and are typically employed in low level positions at offsite support centers or authorized Catalyst Manufacturing retailers. Competent device technicians may be promoted to a higher tier, however this usually occurs only if they are already related to someone working in a higher tier position. Advanced problems that device technicians are not trained on are forwarded to CypherToken engineers or Grid engineers to be resolved.




Gatekeepers are the next tier of authorized personnel and serve as a form of online law enforcement. Gatekeepers are employed by the FNE and their knowledge is expanded to include Access Node operation and basic network security. They are able to monitor Grid traffic in order to detect any unauthorized activity. Gatekeepers are also tasked with the moderation of online communities to filter out any prohibited discussion or distribution of confidential information. Information on these violators are then passed on to the relevant law enforcement officers for prosecution.


CypherToken Engineer


CypherToken engineers are Catalyst Manufacturing employees that are provided training on the operation and production of CypherTokens. Level I engineers are able to repair more advanced issues with CypherTokens, whereas Level III engineers are able to design and construct new models or hardware features.


CypherToken Programmer


CypherToken programmers are Catalyst Manufacturing employees that are educated on software development. Level I programmers work to create new user applications, Level II programmers are able to create applications for corporations, and Level III programmers are able to create updates for the CypherTokens operating system.


Grid Engineer


Grid engineers are trained on the Grid’s infrastructure. Level I engineers may be able to develop small networks, whereas Level III engineers are able to connect these networks together.


Systems Administrator


System administrators, or sys admins, are responsible the oversight of all operations on an organizations network and must obtain FNE security or networking clearance. They work in conjunction with CypherToken engineers and Grid engineers in order to keep the organizations equipment functional. They are provided advanced security and networking training. Depending on their role in the organization, a sys admin may be granted Level III access and are permitted physical access to specified FNE data centers.

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